Create a Travel Trade Professional account

We have created an easy to use, designated web login for all travel trade professionals that wish to easily book our scheduled excursions and tours. This will allow you to instantly check availability on line, book the required tour and instantly obtain preferred prices.

1: Ophorus provides you with attractive rates.
2: Purchase your trips 24/7 and in real time at net prices (commissions already deducted).
3: Access the entire catalogue of our scheduled tours.
4: Benefit from special offers year round.
5: You may leave the partnership program at any moment, without notice.

All your details will be deleted on request (by email).

How to create an account?

1: Please fill out the online form.
2: Once the form is fully completed, click on «Subscribe» to validate your inscription.
A subscription confirmation page will open.
3: Your request will be transferred and treated, by us, in the briefest delay.
4: You will receive an email confirming validation of your account, you will then be redirected to the REZDY booking platform. Once received, you will be prompted to create a password and once logged in you can begin booking our scheduled tours directly from the Rezdy Market Place.
5: If, however, you decide to book our trips before your professional account has been registered, Ophorus will not apply your special commission rate to these bookings.