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Ophorus is the new standard of quality when it comes to group tours in France. If you’re travelling to France with a group of 9 persons or more, then this section is for you. As fully licensed tour operator member of Atout France and registered ETOA (European Tourism Association) member, you are in good hands for any France travel.

From the moment you request a tour with us to the moment you return home, we will be there to guarantee that everything runs smoothly during your stay. For both small and large group tours, we offer all the services that you will need to make your France tour the most enjoyable experience.

Our service begins by creating a personalised itinerary for you and your party. If you already have a program or an idea of what you want to do, just let us handle the rest — we’ll make sure that you have everything you need and do everything you want to during your European vacation. Upon arrival from London to Paris or from further away, we can take care of your transfers as well as book your accommodation in any area of the country from boutique hotels to chain hotels.

For your days, we’ll find the most expert guides that will be with you in Paris or in the other regions of France. Days full of touring require several activities. We can provide walking guided tours in all the major French cities, culinary tours, french wine tours, historical and cultural tours, or tours including the most emblematic landmarks or the best restaurants in town. We have a large selection of great activities that can be offered in both Paris and the regions.

Need some insight while in France on your European vacation? Let us take you to the most beautiful regions and discover France, including the French Riviera, the Loire Valley, Provence, or Alsace and Burgundy. Of course, not to mention some of the bucket list monuments of France, such as the Palace of Versailles, the Eiffel Tower, Unesco listed Mont Saint Michel, and so many more.

We can handle any group size ranging from small groups to large groups of hundreds of people. Transportation options include private vehicles, minivans, minibuses, and large buses.

Our Small Groups Destinations in France

Small Group Tours in Alsace

Below you will find examples of the type of group tours that we can design, suggest or customize just for you and your party. In the Alsace region, our small group tours will take you along the wine route, on WWII memorial sites, to neighbouring Freiburg & the Black Forest and on unique wine tasting tours. We have also designed two or five day travel packages that include transfers, hotels, transportation and the services of expert local guides that speak impeccable English.

Another option is to combine the Alsace region with nearby Burgundy, Champagne and even Bordeaux. Our 8 day small group travel package includes arrival and departure transfers, 2 or 3 regions depending on your choice, accommodation in centrally located hotels and the services of expert local guides that speak impeccable English. Other languages, on request.

Small Group Tours in Bordeaux

Wholly revitalized since its so-called “Sleeping Beauty” days, Bordeaux (La Belle endormie) is now one of France’s liveliest cities. A capital of art and architecture, culture and wine in France, the city is located at just over 2 hours from Paris by high speed train. Classified UNESCO world heritage site in 2007, Bordeaux France is separated by the Garonne river into right and left bank and today there are endless ways to discover all that Bordeaux has to offer.

Our Group Tours definitely include the famous wine regions of Medoc and Saint Emilion, but not only. We also organize escorted tours to the Dordogne region and the French Basque Country and Lourdes. Choose from a large selection of day trips from Bordeaux and customize your itinerary on our 2 day or 5 day travel package. These pre designed group tours based in Bordeaux include return transfers, accommodation, half day or full day tours and the services of expert local guides that speak impeccable English. Other languages, on request.

Small Group Tours in the Dordogne

The Dordogne region of France offers a microcosm of the best France has to offer. Boasting enchanting medieval villages, scenic rolling countryside, and incredible prehistoric landmarks, the Dordogne department offers travelers an authentic French experience somewhat removed from the typical tourist path. Our Dordogne small group tours include all the best visits that one can imagine include Prehistoric Cave Art with Lascaux IV and Font de Gaume, Villages of the Dordogne, Rocamadour and an exclusive Gourmet walking tour in Sarlat.

Our luxury group tours of the Dordogne include all transfers, accommodation in carefully selected hotels of the area, you can build your own itinerary with our unique half day or full day options and the tours are conducted by expert local guides that speak impeccable English. Other languages, on request. Another great option, is to combine the Dordogne with one of our Loire Valley, Bordeaux and even Burgundy travel packages. You choose the regions and we take care of the rest.

Small Group Tours in Burgundy

The centuries-old tradition of Burgundy winemaking is evident in the bountiful vineyards stretching across the landscape. Burgundy boasts some of the most acclaimed and luxurious wines in the world. The capital, Dijon, is a flourishing cultural hub, where visitors can step back into the past with its mix of gothic and art deco architecture. Whether you´re eager to sample Burgundy wines and discover what makes them some of the world´s most famous, wander the medieval streets and uncover Burgundy´s historical secrets, or a combination of both, Ophorus provides unique small group tours to meet every traveler´s need.

Most of our group tours & trips to France include wine tours and Burgundy is certainly no exception. Visit stunning Abbeys, taste delicious wines in Cotes de Nuits or Côtes de Beaune, follow our expert locals guides on informative guided walking tours in Beaune or Dijon, these are just a few features of our group tour travel packages in Burgundy. For 2 or 5 days, we will include all transfers, accommodation, let you build your itinerary and organise all travel services. It is also possible to combine your Burgundy group tour with other regions such as Champagne, the Rhône Valley and even Provence.

Small Group Tours in Champagne

Delve into “champagne country” and explore Epernay, home to some of the most celebrated champagne producers, such as Moët & Chandon or Perrier-Jouët, and when you’ve had your fill of Champagne why not wander the streets of the gothic villages dotted around the otherwise pristine countryside? Champagne is a region that should be on every wine lover’s itinerary. Join us on one of our tours to explore this rural idyll with cellar visits and taste the bubbly wine that gave this region its fame.

Visit Reims and Epernay, discover the village where Dom Perignon is buried, experience the Montagne de Reims and Marne valley Champagne producing areas with one of our local expert guides. Our Champagne group tours travel packages include transfers, carefully selected accommodation in Reims, transportation and the services of a guide. If you have a bit more time, why not combine the Champagne region with Paris or Burgundy and even with the Loire Valley? You choose the regions and we take care of the rest.

Small Group Tours in the Loire Valley

Loire valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers everything from castles, historical towns and stunning landscapes. Its location alongside the river Loire gives the land its fertility and ensures the productivity and success of the vineyards. Loire also boasts world famous Renaissance Châteaux, such as Châteaux d’Amboise, deVillandry and Chenonceau.

On our small group tours of the Loire Valley, visit the most fascinating Chateaus & gardens that this regions has to offer. We will also have you taste some of the local wines that offer a large range including red, whites, rosés, sparkling and sweet. Our exclusive group tours include all transfers, accommodation, and 2 or 5 days of touring the region. You can also combine these tours with other French regions such as Bordeaux, the Dordogne or even Burgundy.

Small Group Tours in Normandy

Normandy is blessed with its location, and along the Alabaster coast visitors can enjoy a multitude of sights; striking chalk cliffs, D-Day beaches and picturesque villages dotted along the coast. Once you have tired of strolling the beaches, why not treat yourself to the array of fresh seafood dishes on offer or try a refreshing drink of cider?

Day trip options are numerous in Normandy but the highlights certainly include a visit to Mont Saint Michel and one or two days dedicated to the Normandy D-DAY landing beaches. Ophorus group tours in Normandy include transfers, accommodation, the possibility to build your own itinerary and the services of an expert guide that speaks impeccable English. Other languages on request.

Small Group Tours in Provence

Perhaps most renowned for the impressively picturesque lavender bloom that occurs each spring, the Provence region of France offers incredible scenery and so much more. From the coast of Marseille inland, Provence melds nature with amazing feats of engineering and architecture. Here, you’ll find towering hilltop villages, colorful port towns, rolling plains of olive groves and lavender fields.

Our group tours in Provence are based in Avignon, Aix en Provence or Marseille that all make for perfect departure destinations. Our essentials in Provence for all our small group tours include arrival and departure transfers, accommodation from 3* to 5* hotels, fully customized tour adapted to your wishes – you can choose from a large number of full day or half day trip options. Most important visits include Pont du Gard, lavender fields, Pope’s Palace, the Luberon as well as Provence Wine Tours.

Other small group tours in France

The above luxury small group tours in France that we have designed are just a few examples of what our talented team of travel designers can offer. The other regions where we provide group tours include Paris, the languedoc and Provence. Please see brochure below for more information.

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